Welcome to Our School

Boarding house

Boarding house in Glisten International Academy is simply home away. Little wonder a student said, “The only difference between home and Glisten boarding house is the presence of the family members”

In the boarding house, we have male and female hostels with respective house parents who are also academic members of staff. The maximum number of students in each room is eight with fan and air conditioner. There is a common room where students relax after night prep to listen to news.

At inception, we issue a prospectus to our intending students comprising of all the items needed in the boarding house and as well as list of contrabands. Our students are checked thoroughly before admitted so that no dangerous weapon would be found in the hostel.


There is an adage that says “you are what you eat. Feeding of our students cannot be compromised. We have three major meals and two minors daily.

  • Sevenses:  before morning assembly

  • Breakfast: during break

  • Lunch: after school

  • Dinner: before night prep

  • Night cap: after night prep

These make our students to be relaxed and feel at home. Again our students are given the opportunity to serve themselves since we also give them the responsibility of drawing their menu.


Boarding House Administration is made up of:

  • Boarding House Manager

  • House parents

  • Nurses

  • Kitchen staff

  • Sanitary workers

  • Gardeners

  • Hostel maintenance officers

  • Tuck shop attendant


Prep period is paramount because that is the time the boarding house students have to go through their academic work which is one of the reasons most parents enrolled their children in the boarding house.

During prep, students have special prep classes with two prep teachers to each class. These prep teachers ensure they read well. They also assist the students do their assignment should there be any need for that.

At the other hand, we organize academic clinic. This takes care of the students that are not measuring up academically, just like a parent would employ a lesson teacher.



In Glisten International boarding house, provisions are prohibited, therefore students are given the opportunity to shop with

E-shopping card, we are operating cashless policy. No student is allowed to handle cash, it is a very serious offence. The shopping exercise makes the students to feel and home. They do not joke with it.



Our school clinic is a semi-hospital with three licensed nurses and consistent visiting doctors. We also run a retainership with First Call Hospital kado, Abuja. Our students’ health cannot be compromised.



If you talk about sports, we involve our students in both indoor and outdoor activities like football, handball, table tennis, cheers, snake and ladder ludo, monopoly, scrabble, to mention but a few.

During our recreation, we go swimming, cooking, picnics and jims. We organize social night, burn fire night, moon light nights to tell the students stories that inculcate good moral values in them.

Living in Glisten boarding house helps to inculcate discipline, respect, social values, self-reliance and above all fear of God in the lives of the students.